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Healing shilajit is the pioneer producer of pure Himalayan shilajit since nearly two decades. Our shilajit is hand collected at altitudes above 16000 ft above sea level in the world's best sources in Northern Pakistan. Further processing of the raw material is done with natural methods based on the local tradition and ayurvedic knowledge, combined with modern quality standards.

We dry our shilajit under the sun and filter it multiple times without boiling the rock. Our principle is to preserve the original quality of shilajit, without any shortcuts that increase production but reduce the healing and nutritional values.

We deliver authentic and pure shilajit with no artificial additives, freshly from the origin, without stocking it for months or even years.

Our production facility meets worldwide recognized quality standards for safe food processing. Moreover, a sample from each batch is sent for laboratory testing to exclude any presence of harmful substances and confirm that the composition of ingredients is full, as it should be in the highest grade shilajit.

Our aim is to make this perfect gift of the nature, in its most healthy sort, easily available for all people in the world. Likely we are still the only company that provides the highest grade, pure shilajit worldwide, outside the areas of its natural occurence.

Our newly opened office in Poland is a next step to achieve this goal. We wholeheartedly invite you to try our shilajit and enjoy its beneficial effects for your health, well-being and longer life!




Himalayan Healing Private Limited Spółka z o.o.
ul. Małachowskiego 8/P1
61-129 Poznań

Trade registration / tax identification numbers:
NIP 7822914008
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phone number: +48 570329694

e-mail: himalayanhealingeurope@gmail.com

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IBAN: PL17 1090 1362 0000 0001 5437 6928

If you choose the direct bank transfer as a payment, please include your order ID as the title of the transfer, or another details that help us to identify your payment. You can also send us a payment confirmation from your bank via e-mail.

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We offer our products with money back guarantee. It means that you can expect from us more than required by law. Unopened packagings can be always returned within 14 days which is guaranteed by the EU laws.

If you would be dissatisfied with our products, please contact us and describe your issue. We believe that each such case requires an individual approach, so that's a way to find a solution that is honest and satisfying for everyone.

In most cases, if there are no symptoms of fraud or extortion, we would accept all returns and we wouldn't force our customers to keep unwanted products. If there is a fault on our end, we would of course take a full responsibility.