What makes our products unique?


We mine shilajit at altitudes of 16000 - 18000 ft above sea level in Giligit - Baltistan region in Pakistan (where the famous Mount K2 - the second highest peak on Earth - is located).
Our sources lie near Siachen Glacier (the largest glacier outside the polar areas) and the historic town of Khaplu. This is a hardly accessible area, especially in winter, separated from modern civilization by steep mountain ranges.
It is the world's highest known shilajit site. Because of this, the best geological conditions for the formation of the strongest, richest in nutrients and purest golden grade shilajit occurred here. The location of the source at such a high altitude ensures the purity of the raw rock, where no chemical pollutants emitted by industry, transportation and modern agriculture enter.

Among the steep and precipitous mountains, population density is low, and the traditional way of farming in harmony with nature works best in the harsh conditions. People are helped by animals rather than machines, so we breathe clean air here, and we go for shilajit to the mountains, high above the last settlements, fields and pastures.

The harvesters of our shilajit are experienced climbers who often risk their lives climbing nearly vertical rock walls and hanging on to ropes with heavy loads. They work hard, sometimes in very harsh weather conditions, sometimes having to spend two nights in the mountains to get back down with a few kilos of rock. Then the raw rock is transported to a nearby village with a support of animals.


Our team on a shilajit sourcing expedition
Our team on a shilajit sourcing expedition



Completely and without compromise, we bet on the highest quality, and fidelity to methods practiced for centuries.
Filtering is done in pure water from a glacier source, and with fresh moringa seeds, all soil impurities are removed. We don't speed up natural processes - we don't heat the shilajit during filtration, and drying is done only in the sun, at temperatures below 40°C. This process takes about three weeks, and the product prepared in this way retains all its original properties and mineral richness, becoming the most effective supplement of its kind. If you have tried other shilajit products, you will definitely feel the difference!



We deliver a fresh product - we do not produce for stock and our shilajit does not wait in warehouses for months before it reaches you. We collect and process along with customer orders, practically preparing each piece for a specific customer.

In today's hectic world, customers often expect express delivery. However, when it comes to investing in your own health, it definitely pays off to wait a few weeks, and in return get a truly effective product, the authentic shilajit in the fullness of its legendary properties, the beneficial effects of which will be quickly felt.
As you can see, we pay attention to do business in a way that is friendly for the environment and supporting the local community. Our company is made by people from northern Pakistan, working for themselves and for You, not for executives of large corporations living in luxury apartments in big cities. At the same time, we maintain modern standards. For your safety, our products undergo testing in global laboratories, and all processes are carried out in accordance with international standards (including ISO 9001 and ISO 22000)



Thus, we stand out from the competition primarily by our concern for quality. Unfortunately, most Shilajit products available on the market are of low quality. Many producers source raw material in easily accessible, low-lying areas exposed to harmful contaminants. They often use ways to speed up processes and maximize production at the expense of product quality and effectiveness. For example, they filter in boiling water (what some call an "improved method" in their marketing) - this reduces sedimentation time from weeks to hours, but the product loses its properties. Sometimes this is supplemented with synthetic additions. Since pure shilajit is safe for health, and the world market is still in its early stages and not particularly regulated, in addition to products processed too quickly, you can find preparations that have little to do with authentic shilajit. Here we describe how to recognize authentic shilajit and how to assess its quality.
It is possible that some of you have already become discouraged to shilajit by trying a preparation of inferior quality.

We strongly encourage you to try Healing Shilajit - you will notice that its beneficial effects on health are a reality, not a legend.